BC E-Bike Rebate Program: What You Should Know

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Starting June 1, 2023, residents of British Columbia can receive a rebate when purchasing a new electric bike. The rebate amount is based on income, making e-bikes a more accessible and affordable transportation option. This program aligns with the Province’s CleanBC goals, promoting active transportation and public transit while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. E-bikes offer speed, convenience, and accessibility compared to traditional bicycles. The response to the program has been positive, but please note that applications are being evaluated, and names are being added to the waitlist. Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a rebate, but eligible individuals will be contacted if spots become available.


Income Qualification Documents

To qualify based on income, you need to submit a copy of your CRA Notice of Assessment for 2021 or 2022. You can easily obtain this document by downloading a PDF copy from the CRA website or scanning a physical copy and saving it as a PDF.

What Does a Notice of Assessment Look Like?

A reference Notice of Assessment is provided as an example. When applying, you will need to locate your net income, typically on line 236 of page 2.


Buying Your E-Bike

Once approved, choose and purchase your preferred e-bike from ProMechBC. Our team will assist you in obtaining all the necessary documentation to claim your rebate. We recommend visiting the website to familiarize yourself with the required documents for different types of purchases (online or in-store) and delivery options (pick-up or shipping).

Claiming the Rebate

Go to the Electric Bike Claim section on the BC E-Bike Rebate Program website to finalize your claim submission.

Enjoy riding your new electric bike!


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