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Meet the new 2023 BURN-E 2 Max 40Ah battery version. Experience safety, durability, and style like never before with our innovative electric scooter. Crafted with a tubular aluminum frame, carbon steering column, and side lighting, it ensures both safety and robustness without compromising on style.

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Upgrade Your Daily Commute with the BURN-E 2 Max!

Discover unrivaled ride quality and exhilarating yet manageable performance with the acclaimed BURN-E 2 Max scooter from NAMI. Whether navigating your daily commute or exploring urban landscapes, this scooter promises unmatched convenience and pure enjoyment.

Say goodbye to your car and embrace the freedom of riding the BURN-E 2 Max. Not only will you reach your destination faster, but you’ll also savor the liberating sensation of cruising on this robust machine. Featuring an extra-large battery, you can travel up to 180km worry-free, or extend your ride further by adjusting your pace. With top-tier suspension, a comprehensive lighting system, and superior water resistance, you’re ready to tackle any road, traffic, or weather conditions with confidence.

Fearures of the Nami BURN-E

Ultimate Riding Experience

Customize your ride to perfection with the versatile features of our electric scooter. Adjust the suspension according to your preference, whether you’re craving high-speed road adventures or tackling challenging off-road terrain. With two powerful 1500W motors, boasting a peak output of 8400W alongside 50A sinewave controllers, brace yourself for thrilling acceleration up to 60mph. Enjoy a smooth journey on any terrain with adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock suspensions and 11-inch tubeless 90/65-6.5 tires (off-road tires available separately). 

Illuminate Your Journey with Enhanced Safety

Ride confidently amidst traffic with our comprehensive lighting setup, boasting a 2000 lumen headlight, bright lateral, and rear LED strips equipped with turn signals, along with a motorcycle-style horn to clear the road ahead. Our top-tier lighting package ensures unparalleled visibility, featuring an ultra-bright 2000 lumen front headlight, coupled with lateral and rear LED strips serving as turn signals and a bright brake light. With an all-round safety lighting system, including a powerful 2000 lumen headlight, complemented by side LED strips and a rear brake light, navigate through darkness securely and confidently.

Total Command at Your Fingertips

Take charge with unparalleled control over sheer power, facilitated by extra-wide handlebars and ultra-responsive hydraulic brakes. Keep tabs on all your riding metrics with ease on the vibrant central display, even under the blazing sun. Tailor your experience with five fully customizable riding modes to suit your preferences perfectly.

In a nod to community needs, NAMI introduces cutting-edge technology in its latest scooter model, the BURN-E. This innovative vehicle showcases a spacious, waterproof smart display, enabling riders to fine-tune numerous settings according to their liking. Choose from five distinct ride modes, including turbo mode for an extra kick of power and excitement. Moreover, enjoy the flexibility of independently adjusting the acceleration strength of the front and rear motor, along with the electric brake intensity.

Easily Portable, Remarkably Durable

The Burn E is designed to accompany you wherever you roam. Quickly fold it down for easy storage or transport in your trunk, enabling adventures far from home. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the BURN-E stands out as one of the most compelling scooters in its category.

Its construction features high-quality components from its core to the smallest details, including a heat-treated aviation-grade welding frame, a full carbon fiber steering column, and polished stainless steel parts. These elements combine to provide a robust structure designed to withstand high speeds and ensure durability on the road.

Weighing a proud 103 lbs, the BURN-E offers a lighter alternative compared to similar models in its class. Plus, its newly designed wobble-free folding mechanism allows for relatively compact transportation without compromising stability.


2 x 1500W base

Max Power

8400 W


0-15mph in 1.6 sec

Top Speed

Up to 95 km/h


Up to 180 km (120 km realistic range)


72V 40Ah LG 27100 cells

Battery Power

2880 Wh

Charger Parameters

5A fast charger

Tire Size

11 inch/279 mm


Tubeless tire


2 adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shock

Charging Time

7-8 hours with included 5A charger, 4 hours with double 5A chargers


Electric Brake : Adjustable regen braking, LOGAN 4-piston full-hydraulic


Side Light


Rear LED


Ultra bright front


Thumb Throttle


Feature-loaded color smart display

Folding Size

53 x 24.5 x 25 inches

Unfolding Size

53 x 24.5 x 57 inches

Package Size

63 x 20 x 13 inches


103 lbs


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