Apollo Air 2023

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The Apollo Air electric scooter features a powerful 500W motor for speeds up to 21 mph and efficient incline handling. Its UL-certified 36V 15Ah battery offers an impressive range of up to 34 miles per charge, ensuring uninterrupted journeys. With a quick recharge time of 5-7 hours, it provides convenient and reliable transportation solutions for efficient mobility.

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Efficient and Enduring: The Apollo Air Electric Scooter

Experience unmatched versatility with the Apollo Air electric scooter, combining speed and durability in one sleek package. Powered by a robust 500W motor, it effortlessly reaches speeds of up to 21 mph and effortlessly handles inclines. The UL-certified 36V 15Ah battery provides an impressive range of up to 34 miles per charge, ensuring uninterrupted journeys. With a quick recharge time of 5-7 hours, the Apollo Air offers convenient and reliable transportation solutions for everyday use. Plus, enjoy added features like regenerative braking, front-dual suspension, and innovative self-healing tires, making it the perfect choice for everyday luxury riding.


Powerful Performance and Advanced Battery Management

Experience the robust 500W motor and reliable 36V battery of the Apollo Air scooter. With a peak wattage of 900W, the motor delivers exceptional power, while the 36V 15aH battery, equipped with top-quality 21700 cells, ensures extended rides. Stop quickly and safely with the Power RBS regen throttle system, designed in-house and cycle-tested for durability. The system not only recharges 10% of the battery during use but also reduces mechanical wear by 90%. Advanced 21700 cells optimize energy use for sustained power and enhanced range. Supported by a Battery Management System (BMS) with six protective mechanisms, including short circuit and overcharge protection, the Apollo Air guarantees reliable and long-lasting battery performance.

360° Safety and Flat-Free Assurance: Ride Confidently with Apollo Air

Experience enhanced safety with the Apollo Air’s 360° visibility, featuring a powerful 500 lumen front headlight, a built-in rear brake light, and handlebar turn signals for clear and visible signaling during turns. Additionally, say goodbye to flat tires with our self-healing tires, equipped with PunctureGuard technology that instantly seals punctures, ensuring worry-free rides without interruptions.

Tailored Control at Your Fingertips: Apollo App Empowerment

With the Apollo App, you have the power to personalize your ride by adjusting braking and acceleration settings, accessing precise range estimates for your battery, and managing scooter security with convenient lock and unlock features. Additionally, our scooter boasts an IP66 water resistance rating, making it resilient against various weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted journeys regardless of rain or shine.

Enhanced Comfort and Smart Braking: The Ultimate Urban Ride

Embark on smooth journeys through city streets with the Apollo Air scooter. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it ensures stability and a comfortable ride even on challenging terrains. Experience exceptional comfort with the front-dual suspension system, absorbing shocks for a smoother journey. Equipped with 10-inch air-filled tires, the scooter offers enhanced stability, traction, and shock absorption compared to smaller tires. Plus, with the Power RBS regen throttle system, braking is smarter and smoother. Tested for triple the industry standard with 300K cycles, it not only maximizes comfort but also recharges the battery by up to 10% and reduces mechanical brake usage by up to 90%, minimizing maintenance needs.

Revamped Folding Mechanism: Stability and Convenience Redefined

Our latest folding mechanism upgrade not only enhances stability but also offers unparalleled convenience. Designed with safety in mind, this improvement provides an extra layer of confidence during your ride. With a commitment to hassle-free maintenance, our improved folding mechanism remains perfectly adjusted, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Additionally, our new clip-in hook system ensures seamless folding and unfolding of the scooter while preventing the stem from unlatching during transportation.

Effortless Folding, Secure Riding

Experience the convenience of our redesigned folding mechanism, providing stable and maintenance-free folding with a push-button clamp. With our quick fold/unfold clip-in hook system, transporting your scooter is a breeze, ensuring hassle-free mobility wherever you go. Enjoy a spacious deck measuring 18.7″ x 7.87″, offering ample room for a comfortable and secure journey every time. Crafted from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum, our scooter guarantees durability, reinforced by a rigorous 103-step quality control process. Covered by a 10,000km warranty, ride with confidence and lasting assurance.



Top Speed

35 km/h


Eco (15 kmh): up to 54 km, Normal (32 kmh): up to 45 km, Sport (35 kmh): up to 30 km


36V 15 Ah

Charger Parameters

42V 1.5A

Charging Time

5 – 7 hrs

Battery Management System

Double Protection from Overcharging, Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Undervoltage Auto-sleep Protection

Climbing Angle



LED with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)


Ergonomic Thumb Throttle

Riding Mode

Eco, Normal, Sport


Graphite grey with orange accent

Drive Terrain

bike lines, sidewalks, streets

Standard Power Consumption

1.4kW per 100km approx.


Front Drum and Regen


Front Dual Fork

Tire Size

10 inches


Self-sealing tubeless tires


6061 Aluminum Alloy

Load Capacity

120 kg (265lbs)

Waterproof Level



41 lbs

Package Contents

Charger, Manual, Phone Holder, Scooter, Toolkit


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