Apollo Phantom V4

$ 2,399.00

Meet the Phantom: a groundbreaking e-scooter powered by the MACH 1 controller for smooth acceleration and braking. It’s the first to offer a smart regenerative brake throttle and app connectivity, providing unmatched control and customization options, elevating your riding experience.

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Introducing the Phantom: A groundbreaking e-scooter like no other

Powered by the advanced MACH 1 controller, it delivers unparalleled smoothness in acceleration and braking. Setting a new benchmark, it’s the first of its kind to offer a smart regenerative brake throttle and seamless app connectivity. With the Phantom, your riding experience is elevated to extraordinary levels, providing unprecedented control and customization options.

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Phantom's Advanced Tech: LX Display & Apollo App

Experience unparalleled connectivity and control with the Phantom’s LX Display and the Apollo App.

The Phantom’s LX Display boasts remarkable brightness, size, and speed, enhanced by anti-glare technology. Easily monitor gear modes, including the thrilling Ludo Mode, while staying informed of vital details such as speed, battery level, and remaining mileage with crystal-clear clarity.

Pair this with the Apollo App, your ultimate riding companion for the Phantom. Unlock personalized preferences, from regen brake and acceleration levels to remote locking and navigation. Seamlessly connect with your scooter and elevate your ride to the next level of customization and convenience.

Unleash Your Journey: Phantom's Power and Control

Experience the freedom of the open road with the Phantom’s powerful features. With its 1216 Watt-hour battery, enjoy an impressive range of up to 80 km under conservative settings, ensuring you can embark on long journeys without sacrificing performance. Paired with the Mach 1 controller, which enhances efficiency by 27%, unlock top speeds of 66 KM/H in Ludo Mode while maintaining excellent range. Welcome to the Ludo world, where performance meets endurance.

Phantom: Ludicrous Mode & Regenerative Brake

Experience the ultimate thrill with LUDO Mode, a feature that elevates your ride to new levels of excitement. Feel the adrenaline rush as you unlock additional power and speed, propelling you from 61 km/h to an exhilarating 66 km/h. Prepare to go Ludicrous and never look back!

Discover smart braking precision with the Phantom’s first-ever regenerative brake throttle on a high-performance e-scooter. Brake faster, safer, and more efficiently while recharging your battery, reducing mechanical brake usage by 90%. Enjoy a smoother ride and forget about maintenance worries.

Empowering Boundless Exploration with Enhanced Safety

The Phantom is engineered with top speed, extended range, and quadruple spring suspension, designed to conquer rugged terrain. Combined with our commitment to safety, including the addition of long-awaited front turn signals to the 1000-lumen headlight, rear turn signals, and brake light, you can confidently ride day or night, exploring beyond conventional boundaries with ease and exhilaration


1200W x2

Top Speed

66 km/h


41 km at 66 kmh, 66 km at 32 kmh, 80 km at 15 kmh


52V 23.4Ah

Charger Parameters

58.8V 2A

Charging Time

12 hours approx.

Battery Management System

Double Protection from Overcharging, Overcurrent Protection, Short Circuit Protection, temperature resistance, Undervoltage Auto-sleep Protection

Climbing Angle



LED with mode controls and key riding statistics (speed, distance, battery charge, etc.)


Ergonomic Thumb Throttle


Deep black with silver accents

Drive Terrain

bike lines, Hard-packed trails, sidewalks, streets

Standard Power Consumption

2.2kW per 100km approx.


Front & Rear Disc + Regen


Quadruple Spring

Tire Size

10 inches




Aerospace Grade Aluminum

Waterproof Level


Package Contents

Charger, Hex Key, Manual, Scooter


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