Dualtron Spider II

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The Dualtron Spider 2 electric scooter debuts as the lightest and highest-performing model, featuring upgraded battery technology, motors, and design. Notable enhancements include a relocated controller for increased deck space, accommodating larger battery options for extended range, along with integrated charge ports and new logo lights, solidifying its position as a leader in lightweight, high-performance electric scooters.

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Introducing the Next Generation: The Dualtron Spider 2 Electric Scooter

Experience the evolution of excellence with the debut of the Dualtron Spider 2 electric scooter. While undergoing significant changes, the Spider 2 remains unrivaled as the lightest weight, highest performance electric scooter on the market. Boasting a fresh aesthetic, enhanced battery technology, upgraded motors, and a stunning new design, the Spider 2 raises the bar for electric scooters.

A notable feature of the Spider 2 is the relocation of the controller to the innovative spiderweb kicktail, optimizing deck space and accommodating a 30Ah LG power pack. This redesign promises a substantial increase in range, especially with the larger battery configuration. Additionally, the Spider 2 integrates charge ports and a light switch into the front bracket, introduces new logo lights, and maintains its status as the ultimate combination of lightweight construction and high-performance capabilities.

Unleashing Power and Endurance: The Dualtron Spider 2 Electric Scooter

The Dualtron Spider 2 stands out as one of our most potent lightweight electric scooters currently available and quite possibly ranks as the most comfortable model in Dualtron product. Featuring dual motors on both the front and rear, each capable of delivering 2000W of maximum output power, totaling an impressive 4000W, the Spider 2 ensures ample power to conquer any steep hill you may encounter. Under typical driving conditions—medium speed, a rider weighing 65 kg, and warm temperatures—we anticipate the Spider 2 to achieve a range of 120 km. The Spider 2’s high-performing motors are fueled by an LG 21700 – 60V 30Ah 1800Wh battery, comprised of LG 21700 cells, renowned for their exceptional quality. With an evaluated lifespan of up to four years, the LG 21700 cells offer reliability and longevity. It is essential to store your scooter in a dry environment to prevent adverse effects from air humidity on the battery.

Dualtron Spider 2: Redefining Autonomy and Convenience in Electric Scooters

The Dualtron Spider 2 electric scooter represents a significant advancement in the Minimotors brand’s lineup. This latest 2021 iteration of the Dualtron scooter offers remarkable autonomy, boasting an impressive range of 120 km while maintaining a lightweight design of only 26 kg. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Dualtron Spider 2 features a foldable deck and integrated handlebar clamp for easier transportation, along with a built-in stand for convenient parking. Whether it’s for storing after use or taking a break between rides, the Dualtron Spider 2 offers unparalleled convenience. Catering to power riders seeking high performance, autonomy, aesthetics, extreme comfort, and lightweight design, the Spider 2 sets a new standard in electric scooters.

The Ultimate Riding Experience: Dualtron Spider 2 Electric Scooter

The Dualtron Spider 2 is packed with exciting features aimed at enhancing the rider’s experience to the fullest. This new model boasts “new generation Minimotors” cartridge suspensions installed both at the front and rear, ensuring excellent driving comfort. Additionally, the Spider 2 is equipped with 10-inch inflatable tires with air tubes, providing optimal traction for urban and suburban travel.

For enhanced safety and control, the Dualtron Spider 2 electric scooter from Minimotors features front and rear disc brakes. Moreover, a kinetic energy recovery system is integrated to optimize battery life, allowing for efficient energy usage.

An LCD screen positioned on the handlebars offers convenient control over various functions, including speed, battery gauge, rear light, and automatic ignition. Additionally, at the back of the deck, a solid and well-designed footrest provides a comfortable driving position for riders. These features collectively contribute to making the Dualtron Spider 2 an exceptional choice for riders seeking both performance and comfort.


MAX 3984 watt BLDC dual hub motor

Top Speed

70 km/h (Check local laws before use) 44 mph


~75 miles (120 kms) *mileage may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions


60 volt / 30 Ah

Battery Power

1,800Wh – LG 21700 cells

Charging Time

~9-10 hrs with 1.75A standard charger, ~5-6 hrs with 2 standard 1.75A chargers, ~3-4 hrs with the quick 6.5A charger


Cruise / Electric brake / Auto save function (3 minutes), Eye Throttle.(Battery Level, TRIP, ODO, Time, Speed Display and Mode change)



Tire Size

10" x 2.5"

Tire Pressure



Front and rear mechanical disk brakes with ABS standard


Dual LED Headlight


Dual LED

Brake Light



Front-Rubber suspensions, Rear 5-kind of rubber cartridge replaceable design

Folding Size

1140 x 605 x 50mm Length x Width x Height

Unfolding Size

1140 x 605 x 1240mm Length x Width x Height

Load Capacity

220 lbs (100 kgs)


~57 lbs (26 kgs)


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