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EVOLV is expanding their fleet with the Corsa, featuring the most durable components for enhanced performance. With a large display, massive street-style grippy tires, and impressive speed, the Corsa is built to tackle all terrains with ease.

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Dominate the Road with the EVOLV CORSA

Big and Bright, Foldable and Portable

Bright energy-efficient Dual HALO LED headlights illuminate your riding path, while a large tail light attached to the kick plate flashes red when brakes are applied. Signal your turns for safety with flashing yellow turning lights located on the rear end of the deck. The Corsa is easily foldable and portable, featuring a folding column and buckle mechanism for quick release. Hook the steering column to the kick plate and lock it in place before carrying to ensure convenience on the go.

Suspension, Removable Battery Pack

Experience maximum shock absorption with front and rear spring coil suspension, allowing you to ride smoothly over rough terrain and large bumps. Ensure safety with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes providing all the stopping power you need. Enjoy the convenience of a removable battery pack with the Corsa—park and charge or opt for a more portable option by removing the battery pack. Simply enter your pin code to open the deck and access the battery pack, then plug it into a charging station to power up!


Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes deliver massive stopping power for professional riders.

Ignition Key

Power on with an ignition key feature. The Corsa cannot be started without the ignition key.

One-touch Dual Drive

Cruise the city with a single rear-wheel drive, or ride aggressively with the touch of a button to enable dual 1200W power.

Conquer Any Terrain

Never fear steep hills or rough paths with dual drive power and 11-inch off-road tires!


1200W Nominal per Motor

Max Power

4800W Peak with Dual Motors

Top Speed

Dual Mode: 70 km/h / 44 mph(Check local laws before use)


55 – 60 km / 34 – 37 mi


60V 26Ah

Charging Time



Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes


Dim Gray


Twin Halo LED Headlights


Twin LED Taillights

Signal Light


Deck Light



Front & Rear shock absorption



Tire Size

11 inch/279 mm

Tire Pressure

50 to 55 PSI

Folding Size

130 X 56 X 60 cm / 51 X 22 X 24 inches

Load Capacity

150 kg


45 kg / 99 lbs, Battery Weight: 9 kg (19.8 lbs)


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