Kaabo Mantis 10 Base Plus

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The Kaabo Mantis 10 Base Plus is renowned for its perfect balance of performance and portability. This e-scooter boasts impressive power with its efficient motor, ensuring a smooth ride at speeds that cater to both urban commuters and adventure seekers. Its durable construction, reliable battery life, and responsive braking system make it a top choice for riders looking for quality and dependability. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Mantis 10 Base Plus stands out as a versatile scooter ideal for navigating the urban landscape.

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Unleash the Power of 10

Experience unbeatable performance with the Mantis 10 e-scooter featuring 10″ pneumatic tires and powerful dual motors. Ride confidently on any terrain, from busy city streets to rough trails.

Kaabo Mantis 10 Plus reviews

Dimensions & Features


Experience swift inner-city commutes and exhilarating trail adventures with the Mantis 10 electric scooter. Its strong acceleration, thanks to the two powerful brushless 60V 1000W motors, ensures fun rides whether you’re cruising through city streets or tackling challenging inclines of up to 30%. With large 60V 18.2Ah batteries, you can master distances of up to 60 km between charges, while the lightweight design at 30 kg makes it one of the lightest scooters in its class. Foldable and portable, the Mantis 10 is ready to accompany you on all your urban and off-road excursions, offering both convenience and performance in one sleek package.

Dual Shocks and 10″ Pneumatic Tires

The Mantis 10 electric scooter is equipped with front and rear advanced swing arm spring suspension, ensuring a smooth ride regardless of the terrain. With its 3″ Street tires, you can confidently navigate grass, dirt trails, or urban curbs, as this scooter can handle various ground conditions with ease. Additionally, the scooter features full hydraulic disc brakes on the plus version, offering complete control while riding. The advanced display/throttle combination allows for configuration of speed limit, cruise control, and regenerative braking strength, enhancing the overall riding experience.

High Energy Battery with BMS

The Mantis 10 electric scooter comes with a high-energy lithium-ion battery comprising 78 units of high-density 18650 cells, delivering sustained power throughout your ride. Utilizing this advanced battery technology, the Mantis 10 achieves impressive speeds and covers extensive distances on a single charge. Additionally, the smart battery management system (BMS) safeguards the battery’s well-being by actively monitoring its performance and preventing issues such as overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits.

Lightweight and Foldable

The Mantis 10 electric scooter boasts a lightweight frame constructed from aviation-grade 6061/6082 aluminum alloy, weighing a mere 25 kg. Crafted from a single piece, this frame not only offers agility but also exceptional durability, ideal for daily commuters. Aluminum’s inherent stiffness compared to steel guarantees a smooth ride quality. Moreover, the foldable design of the Mantis 10 frame enhances its convenience for storage and transportation.

Equipped with a super-bright LED headlight and newly added front and rear turn signals, the Mantis 10 V2 ensures optimal visibility during nighttime rides. Complemented by two front and rear LEDs along with a luminous lateral LED strip, safety is paramount, ensuring you’ll be noticed even in low-light conditions.


Black, Red, Silver


Dual 1000W

Top Speed

Up to 65km/h


65 km


60V 18.2Ah

Charging Time

6-8 hours


Front and Rear Hydraulic


Front & Rear Spring

Tire Size

10 x 2.75 Pneumatic

Load Capacity

120 kg (265lbs)


LCD Head, Speed, Battery Level, ODO, Mode





Brake Light


Power Mode


Folding Size

480 x 210 x 1230 mm

Unfolding Size

1267 x 210 x 1230 mm


30 kg


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