Kaabo Mantis King GT

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The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is a heavy-duty electric scooter with dual 2000 Watt motors, a top speed of 62 mph, and a range of over 100 miles on a single charge. Perfect for commuting or recreational use, Highly recommended for power and durability.

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Power Of The Mantis: Kaabo Mantis King GT Hi-Powered E-Scooter

With powerful dual motors and large pneumatic tires, the Kaabo Mantis King GT conquers any terrain with ease. Its powerful battery offers a maximum range of 90 km and a top speed of 70 km/h. The Mantis King GT is the ultimate e-scooter for those looking for high speed and long range in compact size.



Experience high-performance like never before with the Kaabo Mantis King GT electric scooter. Its powerful dual 1100W motors offer a top speed of 70km/h and the 60V 24Ah battery provides a maximum range of 90 km. The 10″ pneumatic tires and 30+ degree incline capability make it easy to tackle any terrain, making the Mantis King GT the ultimate electric scooter for thrill seekers. The sine wave motor controllers keep acceleration smooth from 0 mph to 40 mph+, the thumb throttle makes it easy to modulate speed, and the anti-glare 4.2” TFT display allows you to easily view stats and program settings. The Mantis is famous for its nimble handling, and the GT is faster and better. Paired with powerful front and rear BLDC hub motors for up to 4000W max power, the Mantis GT will carry you uphill easily and give you over 50 miles of range. The Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro is a heavy-duty electric scooter with dual 2000 Watt motors, a top speed of 62 mph, and a range of over 100 miles on a single charge. Perfect for commuting or recreational use, Highly recommended for power and durability.

Dual Shocks and 10″ Pneumatic Tires

The Mantis King GT electric scooter offers a luxurious ride experience with its dual shocks and 10″ pneumatic tires, ensuring smoothness across various terrains. Alongside its dual shocks that absorb bumps, the large tires enhance stability and traction, making city streets or off-road trails equally enjoyable. Paired with hydraulic disc brakes for superior safety, featuring thick 140 mm rotors, the Zoom brakes offer effortless engagement and easy replacement, outperforming drum brakes. Additionally, with dial-adjustable front and rear hydraulic suspension, riders can tailor their ride response to their liking and terrain conditions, with clockwise adjustments for softer suspension and counterclockwise for a firmer feel.

High Energy Battery with BMS

The Mantis King GT electric scooter is not only powered by a high-energy lithium-ion battery featuring 78 units of high-density 21700 cells for enduring performance but also boasts dual charging ports for added convenience. With this cutting-edge battery technology, the Mantis King GT can achieve maximum speeds and cover extensive distances on a single charge. Moreover, its smart battery management system (BMS) actively monitors battery performance, safeguarding against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits to ensure long-term battery health.

Light, Portable ,Foldable and Sturdy

The Mantis King GT electric scooter is both portable and powerful, weighing in at 74 lbs and boasting a compact folded footprint measuring 50” long by 26” wide by 22.2” tall. Its slightly wider handlebars and redesigned, reinforced frame ensure durability for long-term riding while remaining small enough to effortlessly fit into your car’s trunk. Crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the Mantis King GT offers unbeatable performance and durability. This sturdy yet lightweight frame enables easy commuting and adventurous touring, delivering a smooth and comfortable ride every time. Additionally, the Mantis King GT features a foldable frame, enhancing its convenience by making it effortless to store and transport. Experience the ultimate combination of performance and convenience with the Mantis King GT electric scooter.


1100Wh *2 quick separation brushless motor

Top Speed

Up to 70 km/h (43.5 mph)


Around 90Km (75kgs load, 25km/h flat road continuous riding basis)


60V 24Ah

Charging Time

5-6 Hours

Charger Parameters



Black, Gold


TFT Display

Climbing Angle



Front and rear spring & damping adjustable oil spring shock absorber


Full oil hydraulic 140mm brake+EABS


LED front light

Brake Light

Rear Red Brake

Signal Light

Yellow turn lights

Deck Light

LED breathing deck light

Tire Size

10×3.0inch street/off road pneumatic tires


Off-road Tires, Street Tires

Unfolding Size

1274 x 172 x 1339mm

Load Capacity

120 kg (265lbs)




Handle, frame, bar material 6061- t6 aluminum alloy and 6082- t6 aluminum forging; Cover PP; Shaft scm440;


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