Kaabo Wolf King GTR

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The Wolf King GTR stands as a premier choice among expert scooters, equipped with a comprehensive lighting system including dual headlights, front and rear turn signals, brake light, and ambient lights, ensuring optimal visibility and safety in traffic conditions. Additionally, its anti-theft alarm system provides added security, safeguarding your scooter when parked outdoors.

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Wolf King GTR: Top level Configuration,Extreme Entertainment

The Kaabo Wolf King GTR is the newest, most savage beast to lead the pack. It’s an adult electric scooter with an IPX5 water resistance rating that’s designed for experienced riders craving the best of the best. Want a faster scooter? The King GTR has a top speed of 65 mph, capable of overtaking other scooters and even cars on the road.

Separable Motor:High-efficiency motor output at full speed

The motor of the Wolf King GTR is conveniently separable, simplifying the process of disassembling both the motor and tires. With an increased diameter from 6.5 to 7, the motor exhibits enhanced power and carrying capacity, while also improving heat dissipation to ensure better motor protection.

Featuring an IPX5 water resistance rating, the Wolf King GTR is engineered to withstand water splashes and light rain, offering protection against moisture ingress. However, prolonged exposure to wet environments or submersion could compromise its integrity.

Portable Battery

The all-new detachable 72V 35Ah (21700 Cells) LG/Samsung battery featured in the Wolf King GTR offers an impressive capacity of 2419 Wh, delivering up to 55 miles of range on a single charge. Housed within a self-contained water-resistant case, this battery includes a convenient lift handle and locking mechanism for easy handling. Its surface is adorned with textured rubber deck matting, ensuring secure footing even in wet conditions.

In addition to its detachable design, the battery incorporates its own voltmeter readout atop the pack and features dual water-resistant charging ports, enabling rapid charging in approximately 10 hours.

With Kaabo’s advanced battery management system (BMS) and six protection mechanisms, including shock resistance, water resistance, and fire prevention, both battery life and rider safety are ensured. Moreover, the battery has undergone glue filling treatment to further enhance its durability and resilience.

Upgraded Front and Rear shock absorption

The Wolf King GTR introduces significant upgrades to its suspension system, enhancing the riding experience to new levels of comfort and adaptability. The front shock absorber now features an adjustable dual arm motorcycle-grade design, with an increased height from 10mm to 12mm, ensuring a smoother ride. Meanwhile, the rear shock absorber has been upgraded to a spring damping adjustable oil pressure shock absorber, allowing riders to personalize settings based on their riding habits and varying terrains.

Building upon the exceptional handling of the Wolf King GT, the King GTR elevates the suspension system even further. With front hydraulic fork suspension and a reinforced coil-over spring in the rear, the durability of bushings is significantly improved, enduring prolonged and demanding rides in rough conditions.

Vacuum All-terrain Tires

The Wolf King GTR’s tires, developed in collaboration with CST, undergo significant enhancements with upgraded 100-55-7 vacuum all-terrain specifications. Featuring wider treads and improved grip, these tires are well-suited for various road conditions, ensuring stability even at extreme speeds over long distances.

Dealing with a flat tire is no longer a prolonged ordeal thanks to the new rims and advanced pneumatic tires on the Wolf King GTR. Equipped with a sealant gel lining, the substantial 12″ hybrid tires possess self-sealing capabilities, minimizing downtime and enhancing durability.

Furthermore, these tires are mounted on removable rims, simplifying the process of wheel removal and tire repair. This design facilitates easy swapping between road and off-road tires, allowing riders to keep spare tires readily available by purchasing extra rims.

7-days Automatic Dormant : power saving and safer

If the Wolf King GTR remains inactive for 7 days, its battery will automatically enter a dormant state, prioritizing safety while conserving power.

Note: Upon receiving the scooter, if it doesn’t power on, the battery may be in a dormant state. Please charge and activate the battery first.

Kaabo Accelerator

TFT Display

Foot stand

Upgraded foot stand, smoother and safer.


The height of the pedal above the ground has increased from 228mm to 258mm, an increase of 30mm Improved scooter passability.


Dual 2000W, split rim for easy tire change

Top Speed

110 km/h


Up to 120 km


35 Ah Li-ion 21700 – LG M50

Charging Time

12 hrs (or 7 with fast charger)


Finger Throttle, Thumb Throttle


TFT Display


Black, Gold

Cruise Control


Riding Mode

Dual/Single Motor, Eco/Turbo, RACE mode


Hydraulic disk (EABS)


Adjustable, Hydraulic shock absorber, rear hydraulic spring

Tire Size



Aviation grade Aluminum

Load Capacity

65 kg

Folding Size

1629mm X 748mm X 530mm

Unfolding Size

1292 x 748 x 1348 mm

Waterproof Level



Built in alarm, immobiliser, loud horn siren, pin code start


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