NAMI Klima Max

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Introducing the KLIMA Scooter, the epitome of city mobility. Designed to seamlessly accompany you on your daily travels, it enhances your agility manifold, ensuring effortless navigation through urban landscapes, even on uphill terrain. Engineered with Nami Electric’s signature tubular frame, it guarantees the safety and durability necessary for your urban adventures.

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Upgrade Your Commute with the NAMI Klima Max!

Experience a new era of efficiency and enjoyment during your daily commute with the NAMI KLIMA Max! Boasting best-in-class torque for swift acceleration, customizable controls, adjustable suspension, exceptional handling and stability, full lighting, and waterproofing, all at an attractive price point, the NAMI KLIMA Max emerges as a top contender for the title of the best performance scooter of 2023.

Picture yourself riding a scooter that transcends limitations, conquering any terrain, weather condition, or time of day. Whether you’re racing along urban streets, exploring mountain trails, or effortlessly navigating your neighborhood, the NAMI KLIMA Max rises to every challenge!

The KLIMA’s dual 1000W brushless hub motors deliver unparalleled torque and exhilarating speeds of up to 42 mph. However, its smooth throttle response allows for a gentle takeoff, even in full power mode.

Embark on extended adventures with an impressive range of up to 100km, all while enjoying the sturdy construction and thoughtful design of this performance machine. The one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum deck is meticulously welded for perfection, while the matte black finishes exude a captivating elegance that commands attention on the streets.

Powerful Drivetrain and Extended Range

Experience unparalleled performance with the KLIMA Max Scooter’s expertly designed drivetrain, featuring dual 1000W brushless hub motors synchronized with dual 40A sine wave controllers. This combination delivers exceptional torque from the get-go, outperforming competitors while maintaining an impressive top speed of 42 mph. Enjoy smooth acceleration and a silent ride thanks to its responsive throttle and meticulously engineered motors.

The standard version comes with a large  LG 30Ah battery, offering a range of approximately 100km, ensuring you can comfortably navigate through your daily journeys and city commutes with ease.

Enhanced Lighting and Advanced Control: Illuminate Your Ride

Illuminate your path with the KLIMA Max Scooter’s best-in-class lighting package, featuring an ultra-bright 2000 lumen front headlight to brightly light the road ahead. The visible rear LED strips serve a dual purpose, ensuring you’re seen at night while also functioning as turn signals and a bright rear brake light.

Stay informed with the sleek centered display, providing easy access to all essential riding information. Customize your riding experience with advanced options for five fully customizable modes, allowing you to adjust speed, electric braking, individual motor torque, and more to suit your preferences.

Conveniently located switches for lights, turn signals, and horn on your right side, with gear switches on your left. 

Sophisticated Design, Superior Performance

The KLIMA Max is truly pleasing on the eye and packs the latest in technology. Crafted from a single piece of aircraft-grade aluminum, its flawlessly welded frame exudes elegance with matte black finishes that gleam radiantly. All key components like suspension, motors, and controllers have been thoughtfully combined to deliver a truly outstanding riding experience.

Moreover, the ride on the KLIMA Max is beyond smooth thanks to the dual rebound adjustable suspension. With just the turn of a dial, you can set up the rebound to your liking: highly dampened for high speed on road or more bouncy for off-road applications.


1000W x 2 hub motors

Top Speed

67 km/h


Up to 100 km


60V 30Ah LG 21700 Cells

Charging Time

5 hours with 5A fast charger

Charger Parameters

60V 5A


Overheat protection built-in, Parameters setting for each controller is independent, Smart display with riding mode setting ability


Front and Rear Logan full hydraulic disc brake


2000 lumen front LED light,

Signal Light



Side LED strip

Tire Size

10 inches


Hybrid or off-road tire available, tubeless CST tire


KKE hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment


40A max sinewave controller x2

Cable System

Quick connection for all electric components,

Folding Mechanism

Stainless steel one-piece clamp


Aviation Grade Aluminum with one piece forging, Solution and aging heat treatment

Unfolding Size

1285mm x 230mm x 1230mm

Waterproof Level

IP55, IP55 for the whole scooter, IP65


36 kg

Package Size

1300mm x 600mm x 260mm


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