Rize Fixie EBIKE

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Discover the thrill of effortless liberation with our lightweight, easy-to-maintain bicycle. Our belts boast a durability that surpasses traditional chains, offering extended adventures. Embark on extraordinary journeys, empowered by our impressive 120km range, ensuring confident exploration and unforgettable rides.

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The Fixie: Long Range Road eBike

Embark on a journey of endurance and innovation with our Long Range Road eBike: The Fixie. Engineered with a custom 6061 aluminum frame, it defies corrosion and stress, promising lasting durability. Enhanced with slick 700c x 28c tires and a potent 350w motor, city navigation becomes a breeze.

Tailored for urban commuters, it boasts our virtually maintenance-free belt drive system, ensuring a quieter, smoother ride that outlasts traditional chains by 3 to 5 times. Embrace the road ahead with confidence, knowing every mile is a testament to quality and performance.

Dimensions & Specifications​

Fixie 19"

Size Fit5’3″ – 6’2″
Minimum Inseam27″
Standover Height74cm / 29″
Min Seat Height85cm / 34″
Max Seat Height107cm / 42″
Total Length177cm / 69″

Fixie 23"

Size Fit5’8″ – 6’4″
Minimum Inseam31″
Standover Height81cm / 32″
Min Seat Height92cm / 36″
Max Seat Height114cm / 45″
Total Length175cm / 69″

Innovative eBike Solutions: Spotlight on Carbon Belt Drive and Lightweight Design

Discover the latest advancements in eBike technology with our innovative offerings. Our eBike Spotlight features the revolutionary Carbon Belt Drive, a single-speed system that elevates your journey with whisper-quiet rides and virtually maintenance-free operation. Embrace the simplicity and efficiency of this cutting-edge technology, ensuring smooth power transmission and an exceptional riding experience. Additionally, our lightweight design, weighing just 34lbs, provides unparalleled freedom to explore, offering agile handling and effortless maneuverability on urban streets and rugged terrain alike. Experience the future of cycling with our advanced eBike solutions.


Customizable Ride Experience: LCD Display and Adjustable Handlebars

Experience the ultimate riding experience with customizable features. The elegantly designed LCD display keeps you informed and in control of your journey, effortlessly accessing essential ride data and adjusting settings to your liking. Additionally, adjustable handlebars ensure a comfortable ride, allowing you to tailor the bike’s fit to your unique preferences. Embrace the freedom to shape every aspect of your adventure, from performance to comfort, with innovative technologies

Super Bright Headlight

Light your way far and wide with our powerful 120 lux headlight, casting visibility up to 5 km for ultimate safety.

LED Taillight

Safety meets convenience. Effortlessly clip on our LED taillight for visibility wherever you go.

Carbon Belt Drive

Experience seamless journeys with our revolutionary single-speed belt drive, quiet, maintenance-free, and effortlessly smooth

Front Suspension

Smooth out the bumps with our front suspension, crafted for comfort on any terrain.

Thumb Throttle

Instant power boost at your fingertips—the harder you press, the more assistance you get.

Optional Mudguards

Keep the adventure pure and your ride clean with our sleek, optional mudguards, freedom from mud and splashes.

Rapid Shifter

The new ergonomic Shimano shifter offers smooth and easy shifting. Downshift multiple gears with one single push.

Selle Royal Cushion Seat

Embrace comfort on any terrain. Our shock-absorbing saddle ensures a smooth, enjoyable ride every time.

Assembly & Installation


350w 45Nm

Top Speed



110 km

Primary Battery

36v 9.6Ah (345Wh)

Charge Cycle


Charging Time

5 Hours

Configuration Class

1, 2, 3 (configurable)


100% Power on Demand

Pedal Assist Level

3, 5, 7, or 9 levels (default 7)

Pedal Assist Sensor

Cadence Sensor


6061 Aluminum Alloy


Black, Blue, Silver, Turquoise


Suspension with Lockout

Tire Size

700c x 28c




Double Wall


Hydraulic Disc 180mm



Free Wheel



Wellgo Aluminum Platform


Selle Royal Spring Cushion Seat with Gel Padding

Applicable Height

Fixie 19": 5'3"-6'2", Fixie 23": 5'8"-6'4"

Load Capacity



34lbs (Including battery)


19", 23"


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