ZERO 10X 260

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ZERO 10X got a facelift with a new dashboard, better steering, upgraded the suspension, fine-tuned the acceleration, extended the range and top speed of the original ZERO 10X. Everything you need from a scooter, you will have it in this Zero 10X Electric Scooter Canada.

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ZERO 10X Dual Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

Since its inception, the ZERO 10X has led the market as an affordable high-performance 2-wheel drive PEV, earning praise in the electric scooter industry for its stylish design and loyal fanbase.

In the following years, the ZERO 10X received significant enhancements, including a new dashboard, improved steering, upgraded suspension, refined acceleration, extended range, and increased top speed, culminating in the release of the ZERO 10X Limited. This upgraded model redefines performance standards, surpassing other e-scooters in its price range.

Performance Upgrade

The Z10X Limited stands as the pinnacle of performance among e-scooters in its price range, offering unparalleled value for money. With a top speed of up to 80 km/h and a range of 140 km* on a single charge at a cruising speed of 25 km/h, the ZERO 10X Limited 260 ensures an exhilarating and long-lasting ride experience. Its 10 x 3 inch extra-wide tires and rear air suspension provide a smooth and cloud-like ride.

Powered by dual 1600W hub motors with cooling fins, the ZERO 10X Limited boasts a total nominal power output of 3200W. Managed by 2 x 50A sinewave FOC speed controllers with massive heat sinks, these controllers ensure optimal performance by dissipating heat efficiently.

Unlike standard controllers, sinewave FOC controllers offer exceptionally smooth speed power transitions and acceleration, particularly effective during cruising and on slopes. Their high efficiency and quiet operation at cruising speeds enable more range from the same battery capacity.

Similar to the standard ZERO 10X, the Limited model features switchable single and dual motor drive modes, with an enhanced single/dual switch button for added convenience. Riders can conserve battery capacity by switching to single drive mode for maximum range or enjoy extra power in dual drive mode when needed, especially on challenging terrains.

Enhanced Riding Experience: Responsive Steering, Advanced Lighting, and Comfortable Air Ride

In the pursuit of performance tuning, we recognize that speed is not the sole factor; superior braking and control are essential. That’s why we’ve meticulously improved the steering performance of each ZERO 10X Limited model, ensuring a remarkable enhancement in fine control for riders.

Furthermore, our lighting system now incorporates standard front and rear lights, under deck lights, and braking lights, significantly enhancing rider visibility at night. Understanding that some riders prefer not to draw excessive attention, we’ve introduced a convenient touch capacitive button for controlling the lighting intensity to suit individual preferences.

Additionally, we’ve elevated the comfort of the ride experience by replacing the standard spring suspension with an air lift suspension system. While air shocks offer a softer ride, they effortlessly navigate even off-road terrains, providing an unparalleled level of comfort akin to walking on clouds.

Enhanced Water Resistance with a Modern Dashboard and Highly Configurable App Integration

Experience the sophistication of the Limited’s dashboard, featuring a stunning anti-glare TFT wide colored display visible in both daylight and nighttime conditions. With 5-speed controls for personalized riding comfort, the Limited adapts to your skill level seamlessly.

Moreover, the ZERO 10X Limited LCD and controllers offer Bluetooth connectivity, seamlessly linking to our customized smartphone app. This integration empowers you to fine-tune various settings, including e-braking power, throttle response, and acceleration profiles, providing unparalleled control over your ride experience.

The Limited benefits from a front-mounted battery pack, offering improved water resistance with its waterproof casing shielding the battery compartment from wheel splash. Rigorous testing over six months ensures the front battery mount’s resilience against vibration, shock, and grip challenges, maintaining stability without compromising the machine’s center of gravity.

Seeking Even More Speed?

Introducing our All-New EVO series, delivering unparalleled power and speed. The EVO lineup features two models: the EVO 260 and the EVO 272.

The EVO 260, akin to a racing edition of the Limited, matches the speed and power of the 72V ZERO 11X, while the EVO 272 takes performance to the next level. With a 10kW motor power output and exceptional acceleration and torque, the EVO 272 is designed for riders seeking ultimate power.

Equipped with twin 70A sinewave FOC controllers and 5000W motors with cooling fins, the EVO offers a smooth ride when desired but can unleash its beast mode effortlessly.

Available in both 60V and 72V versions, the EVO series sets new speed records, with the 60V EVO reaching real-life speeds of up to 89 km/h and the 72V EVO maximizing the full power potential of the dual 5000W 11-inch hubs.

To ensure control at these exhilarating speeds, the EVO features wider 780mm handlebars and steering dampers, exclusive to the EVO 272 model. After all, power is nothing without control.


1600W x 2 with 60V Mode

Max Power

Dual motor peak power 6000W combined

Top Speed

80 km/h


Up to 160km


60V 28Ah (LG)


2 x 50A FOC Sinewave Controller

Tire Size

10 x 3 inches (Extra Wide)




Front & Rear Nutt Hydraulic disc brakes (160mm)

Climbing Angle



LED front light


Rear LED


Front and rear spring hydraulic suspension


39 Kg (86 lbs)

Load Capacity

120 kg (265lbs)

Folding Size

118 x 33 x 44.5 cm


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